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Our Vision/Mission

Our Vision

“Happy Children who achieve their full potential”

Our Mission

To provide a holistic child-centred environment, where children are able to learn through play based curriculum, integrated with a Montessori approach and thereby become happy and successful learners.

To work in partnership with the parents/carers to support children’s learning.

Encourage children to become responsible citizens and effective contributors.


“Your Child's Journey begins here............”

Aims and objectives

  • ●  Develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a growing independence.
  • ●  Develop social skills, a sense of responsibility and consideration for others. Express them creatively and imaginatively Be curious, investigate and appreciate the environment in which they live.
  • ●  Develop co-ordination, balance and body awareness through indoor and outdoor play.
  • ●  Develop a love and excitement for books, songs, rhymes and music.
  • ●  Extend their thinking and problem solving skills Read and write with confidence and accuracy.

And most importantly – have fun while learning through PLAY!

Safeguarding and Well-being

Safeguarding and promoting children’s well- being covers a number of different responsibilities including protecting children from harm, neglect and abuse, preventing impairment of children’s health or development, ensuring that children are cared for in an environment which is safe and effective and enables children to have best experiences.

For us Safety and welfare of the children are paramount and we pay attention to these matters both in relation to the environment and activities we provide and the way in which we treat all our children.

 We make sure

  • ●  We check everyone who work with us is suitable to work with children. We keep their records and make sure that everyone has right qualifications, training, skills and knowledge.
  • ●  We make sure that our indoor and outdoor space, resources, equipment and toys are safe and fir for purpose.
  • We maintain records, policies and procedures about individual children, our premises, staff, risk assessments, medications and incidents/accidents.
  • ●  We have an up to date policy on safeguarding and protecting children which we also share with the parents/carers. The policy guides us by detailing what action we will take if we ever get concerned about a child.
  • ●  We provide all current information to our parents/carers and have a complaints procedure in place.
  • ●  We promote children’s health by preventing the spread of infection and taking action when a child is ill.
  • ●  We manage our children’s behaviours appropriately and effectively.